C-EZ Blue Reflective Arrow Wrap Kits

C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products introduces a Blue set of highly reflective decals. Our decals are made from a vinyl which has a 3-5 year rating and are very visible in low-zero light conditions when struck by any source of light.  The decals are pre-cut to fit any arrow shaft or crossbow bolt and are light enough in weight (1.5 grains) NOT to effect arrow/crossbow bolt flight. These will greatly improve the chances of finding an arrow/crossbow bolt shot in low-zero light conditions. When lighted nocks fail these could be the "Back-Up" solution. Each set comes complete with a total of 26 decals: 24 arrow/crossbow bolt strips (wraps) and 2 larger logo decals for vehicle, bow case, cooler, etc. Our decals are also great for utility trailers, ATV'S, cargo racks or almost anything else used in the outdoors.

C-EZ Blue Reflective Arrow Wrap Kits
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